CUSTOM Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Watch | 40mm | EONIQ VA-102M

CUSTOM Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Watch | 40mm | EONIQ VA-102M

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40mm bespoke mechanical-quartz hybrid watch with sun-burst bespoke watch dial


Japan Seiko VH61 Mechanical Quartz Hybrid Movement with Sweep Second Multi-Eye

Battery Life:
2 Years

<15s per month

2 pcs

Waterproof rating:
3ATM (not suitable for water sports)

Watch dial:
Made to order sunburst custom watch dial


Watch case:
SS316L surgical grade stainless steel with K1 hardened anti scratch crystal

Watch strap:
Metal versions: Surgical grade stainless steel
Leather versions: Genuine calf leather with surgical grade stainless steel hardware


Watch case:

Lug size (for leather strap selection)

Wrist size:
Leather straps: 173-215mm
Metal mesh bands: 177-216mm

Shipping & Returns


To ensure your mechanical watch arrive safely we only use reputable courier services such as DHL and FEDEX

Please note that some countries will charge import duties.

Return Policy:

Each of the watches we make are made to order and produced just for you. That means once the watch is produced, it will be extremely challenging for us to re-purpose it should you decide that you do not want it. Therefore we will not be able to accept returns unless the watch was defective when shipped.

Care Instructions

Mechanical-Quarz hybrid movement
This movement has delicate mechanical components in it. Please do not subject your watch to excessive shock.
If you plan to store this watch in storage for years, please remove the battery before doing so.

Leather is beautiful, if you take care of it
If you watch comes with a leather strap, please do not clean it with alcohol. Our leather is high quality leather that should age beautifully unless damaged.

Warranty Information

Our custom mechanical watches (Dive, Expedition, Pinot Blanc) come with a 2-year warranty. Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid watches (Valais) are covered with a 1-year warranty.

The warranty covers defective watches from the date of shipment. Should the watch stop working on its own, we will make you a new one. Simply contact us here and we'll walk you through the process.

We are not responsible for any accidental damage to the watch. An investigation will be made by our watch maker before repairing. We will refund warranty related shipping fees to the customer after we have clarified that the problem with your watch falls under warranty. Please also note that all return/warranty packages remain the responsibility of the customer until received by us. We therefore advise you to take the necessary precautions to ship your watch safely by using registered traceable services and appropriate packaging for all watch shipments.

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Mechanical Quartz movement hybrid (Mecha Quartz)

Not a printed circuit board

Combining the beautiful sweep of mechanical movements with the accuracy of quartz movements, we have our Mecha-Quartz (Mechanical Quartz) Hybrid movements.

Seiko (TMI) movements are quality reliable movements powering some of the legendary watches and many watches by different Swiss brands.

The beautiful sweep

This sweep, is just so much better than the once per second tick of a regular quartz movement

In fact this is why so many of us prefer a mechanical movement.

Enjoy this beautiful mechanical sweep, with the accuracy (less than 1 second diviation per day) and convenience of a quartz movement. No winding needed; just replace the battery every 2 years.